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Letter: Respect for America

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It has been painfully clear that our current administration has no genuine regard for America, our Constitution and its established values. Even worse, Obama has seized many opportunities to apologize for our country when, in fact, he has no reason to do so. The pain comes from hearing the president demean us, including those values which have made us special and different in many good ways. He favors the socialism of Europe rather than what we have built. His words are contrary to the words of men and women who personally experienced the difference of living in Europe, honest individuals who appreciated the historic places, but also saw clearly the difference between Americans and Europeans.

The writer Nathaniel Parker Willis, a Yale graduate, was a correspondent of sorts assigned by the New York Mirror in 1831 to provide a series of "letters" describing his travels abroad. During his time in Paris, he was fascinated by faces and tried to under...

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