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Letter: Respect: a two-way street

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

According to a report following the recent Baltimore riots, 63 percent of the population of Baltimore is comprised of blacks, with blacks committing 85 percent of all crime in the city and 90 percent of all violent crime. These are statistics in spite of the city having a black mayor and a racially diverse police force and City Council.

This is not to say that all blacks are criminals. Most are hard-working, decent people who are suffering due to the actions and attitudes of a few.

It is not the police’s job to judge guilt or innocence or to mete out punishment for crimes, but to come to the aid of victims, investigate crime, and arrest suspects. Arguing with law enforcement officers and resisting arrest is an exercise in both ignorance and futility. The time and place to argue one’s innocence is in court. The police must do their job, and making it harder for them creates a dangerous work environment.

Failed socialist policies have created an e...

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