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Letter: Renewable energy development a pipe dream

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am disappointed in Rep. Rob Wittman’s sponsorship of HR 2173, promoting offshore wind energy production. Funding resources spent on developing wind, solar and other "renewable" technologies are a waste of precious tax revenue. Without substantial government subsidies, none of the "alternative" technologies can come close to competing economically with conventional energy sources that we have in abundance, if only we are permitted to exploit them.

For a realistic solution to our energy problems, we must drill for oil and natural gas right here in Virginia and off our shores, and support the establishment of new nuclear power plants and modern technology coal-fired facilities as well.

The fears of man-caused climate change are deliberate hysteria generated by those who seek political power and wealth (e.g., Al Gore—need I say more?) by panicking the populace into begging to be saved. Man-caused climate change is a lie; the sun is the primary...

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