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Letter: Rejection of reality does not change reality

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I continue to witness a dangerous and harmful rejection of reality give way to conspiracy theories, fraudulent claims, and an inability to understand election rules and laws. Donald Trump has lost the election. It’s time for many of his supporters who refuse to accept this to do so.

It’s not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact. When Trump won in 2016 I held my nose, I swallowed that concern and fear rising in my throat and I accepted the horrible truth that Donald Trump would be president. Because in elections that’s what you do. You take your lumps, no matter how bruising, and fight another day.

What Trump and his allies and his supporters are doing are damaging to the already frail and fragile fabric of our democracy and it needs to stop. These are not the actions of a president. They are the actions of a sore loser, a bully and, above all else, a coward. I am ashamed that this man has been president for four years, but I am not shocked that...

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