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Letter: Refuting climate change concerns

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In response to the Gazette-Journal’s Aug. 29 editorial (“Important message”), I list below the names of three scientific studies in the recent past. They are all available on the Google or DuckDuckGo search engine.

Rather than plowing through much scientific jargon in the body of the texts, the abstracts and conclusions sections are very readable. They all say the same thing, i.e.: the Earth is going through one of its periodic warming/cooling cycles, as it has for millions of years (the graphs in the studies are much more understandable than the scientific/mathematic terms), and the cause of the present temperatures is not just CO2, but also several other factors, all mentioned in the studies.

In closing, I would like to point out that in 1250 AD the Viking settlements in Greenland were conducting seaborne trade with Iceland and Europe. They could do that because there was no ice in the Davis Strait between Greenland and Canada. At present...

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