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Letter: Reflections on the 10th anniversary of 9-11

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It was clear and sunny that morning when we got up, drank our coffee and read the paper—the usual morning routine. I then turned on the television and suddenly it wasn’t an ordinary day anymore. At first, I felt shock and I couldn’t imagine any trained pilot making such a terrible mistake, and maybe something went wrong with the plane.

It was awful to think what those passengers went through and all the people in the Tower, but then we saw another plane heading into the other Tower and the horrifying understanding that this wasn’t an accident and we were under attack.

We couldn’t move or talk, all we could do is stand there watching it happen, feeling numb for a moment. But we weren’t numb for long—knowing what was happening to all those people in the buildings, the planes and on the ground. This was happening in America. It wasn’t supposed to ever happen, but it was, and it seemed to never end.


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