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Letter: Reelect Parker and Nelson

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In 1950, Judge John DeHardit appointed my father, Mr. Cecil Fary, to serve on the School Electoral Trustee Board. Its job was to appoint school board members. Judge DeHardit charged him to “keep politics out of the schools.” He served for 42 years and I know he would be truly disturbed by this fall’s events. Since 1992, selected board members have served out of a sense of civic duty. But, this may be changing in Gloucester.

A serious political “game” is being played with the future of your school system. You are seeing a maneuver initiated by the school board member from Ware District with the support of elected county officials using the resources of a political party with the goal to gain control over the educational system by “packing” the school board with candidates recruited for that purpose.

You deserve a non-partisan school board with members elected on qualifications, not on ideology or a party endorsement. Virginia’s official ballot does not...

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