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Letter: Reduce speed limit on Route 17

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As a landowner since 1952, I have seen the Gloucester County grow from 8,000 residents to nearly 50,000 with the attendant challenges and benefits of a growing community. Our worst crime over the years has been something like shoplifting at Walmart, to the exclusion of murders and drugs.

Today we need to reconsider the speed limit on Route 17 from the Coleman Bridge to the bypass at Gloucester Court House. With the abundance of trucks and out of state drivers on this road, we do not need to continue with the 55 mile per hour speed limit in most of this area. There have been many accidents causing tremendous property damage, to include a number of deaths. A few years ago it was perhaps a truck hitting a slow moving tractor or other service vehicle. Today it is about how fast we can go without getting a speeding ticket or be the victim of a rear-ender.

This will take a commitment on the part of the Board of Supervisors to rectify this “speeding as long a...

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