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Letter: Reaction was no accident

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The reaction of the community to the inappropriate, inflammatory Facebook posting by Ms. Mason was no accident. I find her intellectual backtracking an insult to the integrity of the Mathews residents.

I also find it insulting that the NAACP threatened a lawsuit and the Black Panthers found it necessary to influence the Mathews School Board in the decision of a name change to the point that the community was not allowed their democratic, taxpaying vote. Somebody had to let them know.

I find it insulting that the people feel Mathews needs a protest on the subject of whose lives matter the most.

Mathews (and, for that matter, all small towns) is not the stereotypical backward small town that “big city come heres” seem to think needs a makeover and only they can do that.

Janet BowmanOnemo, Va.

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