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Letter: Radioactive waste

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It is time something is done to find a solution for all the spent reactors and radioactive waste stockpiled in this country. At this time, we have over 150 spent cores and over 15,000 tons of radioactive waste being stored in Washington state and Idaho and no plans or program for what to do with this material.

Once a new ship is finished and leaves Newport News and the Electric Boat shipyard, they are finished and just collect the money they made building these ships.

The Navy has a slipshod program to do just as little as possible and then store them on land in these two states and go on and build more nuclear powered vessels and collect the radioactive waste, both solid and liquid, and stick it anywhere they can.

When uranium is bombarded by a neutron, what is left are two highly long-life isotopes which take hundreds of years to decay into safe materials and the excess energy is used to propel the ship. Any particles and materials that stay in t...

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