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Letter: Racism not tolerated by Tea Party movement

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

A letter written by S.J. Mehaffey in the Aug. 19 issue of the Gazette-Journal ("Tea Party invites hate speech by not marginalizing it") prompted me to write this rebuttal. The letter is yet another attempt to smear the Tea Party. The author claims to know that the Tea Party is racist because he or she watches the "news," not because he/she ever attended a Tea Party rally.

Having attended several rallies, I can tell you that racism is abhorrent to the Tea Party and is not tolerated. In fact, the mainstream media fails to report that people from minority groups attend tea parties and are often guest speakers. Rather than debate the issues, it is much easier for the proponents of big government and excessive spending to label Tea Party attendees as "racist." The tactics of some on the left side of the political spectrum are transparent and tiresome. If you oppose President Obama’s policies, you are a "racist." If...

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