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Letter: Race to the finish

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The primary season is over and the Republicans have elected the weakest candidate again, with the help on the lame stream media. How was this accomplished? By covering every move Corey Stewart made while a mere mention of the other two candidates, to show their objectivity, with the best candidate, E.W. Jackson, receiving the least amount of “free coverage.” This isn’t by coincidence. It is carefully orchestrated. Step one complete. Check.  

Tim Kaine must be relishing this moment. The prospect of facing Alex Jones-lite.

Next step in the socialist (formerly Democrat) plan, run a faux Libertarian candidate to syphon off a few votes to help ensure the win. Just like how McAuliffe won and Sen. Warner squeaked by.

After the November elections, Virginia will be solidly blue.

Raise taxes to support those who refuse to work. To fund socialized medicine for all, except them.

Keep working to usurp the Constitution by seeking to eliminat...

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