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Letter: Questions motive for closing T.C. Walker School

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I was a student at T.C. Walker School from grades 1-5 back in the 1960s. Once we became integrated, my mother transferred us to a different school.

I am a very proud, Black woman who was born, raised and attended church in Gloucester County. I loved T.C. Walker School. This is where I realized I, too, wanted to become a teacher. I have been a teacher now for 34 years. I taught in Gloucester before making my home in South Florida and I teach here now.

The students at T.C. Walker were extremely proud of our school because we were attending the school named after the lone, Black lawyer in the county. Also, it was the only school in Gloucester where Black students could attend. This is the same lawyer who brought my grandfather to the county. He had been an orphan in Richmond. My grandfather was Henry Booker Myers.

What happened to Mr. Walker’s house was criminal and what the Superintendent and some of his board members did to the good people of Glo...

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