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Letter: Questions interpretation on homosexuality

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Book says the Rebellion began in heaven before time and will end when The Rebel and his followers are consigned eternally to the Pit. The War, however, began in the Garden. The opening salvo: "Did God really say …?"

And a contemporary scholar, equipped with a Greek lexicon, scissors and paste (and, no doubt, a flyswatter to combat boredom) marks up a few New Testament passages and—Eureka!—a "new reality" is born. In one fell swoop, over 2,000 years of settled Biblical hermeneutics is turned on its head. It is a latter-day inverted miracle: a little dirt and a little spittle are applied to a sighted man’s eyes and he’s made blind; wine is turned into water.

But, alas, this new reality is not really new at all. It is just a variation of the Garden narrative re-packaged for modern consumption, a tactic as old as time itself. The Book says it best: there’s nothing new under the sun.

May I say to...

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