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Letter: Questions funds spent on Chesapeake Bay research

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Almost 50 years ago, an article with diagrams appeared in the Baltimore Sun newspaper, describing the "dead zones" occurring during the summer at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay. Recently, attendees at a VIMS evening presentation were entertained—they laughed, applauded, snapped pictures and were offered treats afterward—with beautifully illustrated maps showing the spread south of the "dead zone."

Thoroughly institutionalized by the federal government; which agency, which university with an interest in five states hasn’t been funded, granted, researched the Bay ad nauseum?

Our governor applauds and awards VIMS scientists who travel to the far ends of the globe sprinkling iron crystals into the Antarctic Ocean, taking yet more samples and data. Here at home, our learned presenter and his colleagues, all comfortably situated on a campus with many tens of thousands of square feet of unmanaged stormwater runoff, do th...

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