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Letter: Questions for candidates

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In Mr. Davis’s letter in the Gazette-Journal (“Another look at the issues,” Oct. 5 Readers Write), he seemed to feel it was important I identify myself as a teacher. I didn’t think I needed to increase my credibility by stating I am a teacher, but if it matters I am also an Eagle Scout and charity volunteer!

I do find it interesting that Mr. Bazzani is now promoting his involvement with reducing the tolls on the Coleman Bridge. As I understand the issue, it is Mr. Wittman who is doing the work getting this rolling in the U.S. House of Representatives and Mr. Hodges who is doing the work in the Virginia House of Delegates.

If Mr. Bazzani’s efforts are making a difference, then I would ask why this suddenly seems to happen during an election year? Publicity stunt? Where was this effort the past four years of Mr. Bazzani being on the board of supervisors? Of course, Mr. Meyer has been on the board four years, too, and is just getti...

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