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Letter: Questions fishing boundaries after ticket

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

On a weekend morning I took my son fishing on the Piankatank River located in an area called Harcum, which is located off Route 198. We were fishing when we were approached by two Fish & Game people. The problem, of which we were unaware, was we were below the fall lines for fresh water and we didn’t have saltwater licenses. So they issued tickets for both of us.

No warning could be issued; we signed our tickets and were told when our court date was so we were to appear. I wonder how many people have fallen prey to these so-called fall lines (boundaries). We went to court and according to Judge Merritt we won our case but we still had to pay a $222 fine.

Is this a scam or a way a county can make extra money in a dishonest way or deception? I would love to know how much has been collected in this way. Why even separate a license this way? Why not just one? It would be better with no confusion! I even had to skip my mortgage payment to pay the fines....

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