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Letter: Questions board’s real estate purchase

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

My comments pertain to the 3-2 vote cast by the Mathews County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 22 to purchase real estate.

Before the vote was called, another duly-elected board member—and lifelong county resident—raised questions, expressed concerns, cited specifics and adamantly stated the real estate purchase was not beneficial to our county. His request for clarification was denied—basically ignored by the chair.

Proceeding with the vote was not only unnecessary, it was disrespectful. It was, in my opinion, a demonstration of contempt and disregard for the valid objections raised by Mr. Hudgins. Sadly, it also indicates the lack of interest some board members have in addressing our concerns, a failure to satisfactorily answer our questions and not acting in the best interest of our county and community.

As the most recently unseated board member, I believe protocol dictates Mr. Rowe’s responsibility to each and every financially burdened resident ...

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