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Letter: Putting our trust in God

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The words “In God We Trust” are well known to us, but there are some who dislike them, complaining that they represent our government supporting a religion. God is not a religion, but the creator of everything in the universe.

To trust in God makes sense, especially since America was formed on many of the values that came from His word and helped us become a great nation. Our success as a nation is due to this same trust, but there is no reason to expect God’s continued protection when we throw away the gifts He gave us.

Those who love God and our country are painfully aware of what is happening and need to make their voices heard, to work together and encourage others to open their eyes and decide if they want a good and strong America or not. It hasn’t yet reached the point of no return, but we can’t afford to wait and then find out it’s too late.

Dawn Dale

Hayes, Va. ...

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