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Letter: Pure elation from a Trump supporter

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I had to call it quits around 2:30 on the morning after Election Day as I could not keep my head up to witness a final vote count. Fortunately, I went to bed in the knowledge that it was virtually a done deal: Trump would prevail in this, the most important election in our time if not in the history of this nation.

Although relishing in a Trump victory, I continue to be appalled by the level of deceit and corruption on full display by the Clinton candidacy. How is it possible that a corrupt candidacy virtually held the entire country hostage for the full election cycle, all the while being aided and abetted by a corrupt Obama Administration? That this election was such a close call speaks to the deplorable level of political awareness by the people that largely dismissed the treason and corruption committed by this candidate. It is with considerable interest if not anticipation that we might yet see the perpetrators held responsible for the damage done to the...

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