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Letter: Public education, or re-education

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Mathews County Comprehensive Plan cites a need for public education. This poses the necessity to inquire, who is to be educated? What is the subject matter? Who will be doing the teaching? Is this education in addition to the public school curriculum? Will this be adult education? If so by what authority?

During a recent public forum an official of the county was overheard describing a segment on the county’s population as elderly, not as well educated as others, and are resistant to change. This comment poses yet a further question. What if those determined to require education refuse to participate?

Some time ago I inquired on the source of the planning inherent in the Mathews County Comprehensive Plan. While I have yet to receive an answer to, who’s planning? It is becoming evident that the references to public education within the Comprehensive Plan should properly be labeled, re-education. Let me again pose the question, who’s...

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