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Letter: Providing a platform

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This year my thoughts center on the election, so thank you for the Election Issue on Nov. 2, where you profiled the candidates to give us the essence of their platforms. It is very helpful to voters in choosing. And I’m grateful to all the organizations that hosted the forums where I could hear each candidate speak.

I’m especially grateful for the democratic process, and the right to vote.

Still, this year choosing was very tough for me; I am grateful so many good candidates for the Mathews Board of Supervisors and School Board were willing to run. Those jobs are clearly tough and time-consuming. Thanks to all of them for tackling the campaigning, and committing to the prospect of serving. 

I hope now that those successful in their bid for the seats available will seek/welcome the aid and advice of the other candidates, and that all those that ran will stay involved—they each showed that they have much to offer and that they care abou...

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