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Letter: Protect yourself, others

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

With COVID-19 still in effect I strongly believe that it’s best that each of us wear a face mask while out in public areas such as Walmart. I agree with what Mrs. Ball said in her letter last week (“Our societal responsibilities,” Readers Write, Feb. 17). Wearing a face mask can help protect not just you but others around you like your loved ones, keeping them safe from catching whatever germ that you might end up having.

I know for a fact that I’m going to be down in Louisiana in March to see my cousin Matthew and the rest of my family. That way I’ll be protecting those around me. Just to be honest and straightforward here, if you refuse to wear a face mask because it makes you feel uncomfortable, then by all means, for respect of others, don’t be going out to public areas.

I love my family and friends and proudly wear my face mask whenever I go out to public areas like Newington Baptist Church and Walmart. I want to thank those of you that wear the ...

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