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Letter: Prophecy and today

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Believe or don’t believe. It’s a choice that God has given to all mankind—a freedom that only He can give, as no government could do it, because without power and control, it would fail and chaos would be the result.

Is there chaos today? Do some think that it would go away if government had greater power and citizens were controlled completely? Would life be more to your liking? Would you be willing to do as you are told … or else?

Those who study the Bible learn that prophecy is genuine, words from God providing us the knowledge needed to guide and protect everyone who wants the peace it will give. But today America is weak. We ignore God, mock His commandments that are given for one reason—to protect us from the misery that sin will bring into our life. Then, when this misery takes over, we blame others for our suffering, believing that we don’t deserve this!

The suffering that we experience is nothing! Jesus Christ d...

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