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Letter: Project threatens calm

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Do you live on the water? Those who live or work on the water are well aware of how sound carries. Sometimes on a perfectly calm day, I can almost hear conversations of people across the river. Now that peaceful tranquility is threatened by a proposed project that will commercialize Williams Wharf.

Before purchasing our home in Mathews 16 years ago, we considered a home in Tappahannock. On the third visit, we noticed a repetitious ka-thump, ka-thump sound while in the back yard. Knowing that this noise would never end because it came from traffic on the Route 301 Bridge, we decided to look elsewhere.

The peace and quiet my family has enjoyed in Mathews since then is now being threatened by a group that wants to install windmills to generate electricity for an enormous building to be constructed on the East River. The idea of using the wind to generate electrical power is fashionable, green technology, but noisy turbine windmills located within hearing d...

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