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Letter: Problems? Political problems, and real problems, compared

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Around the world, the people of Japan are suffering, thousands dead or missing, families torn apart forever, survivors grieving for those lost while wondering what will they do now, how will this end?

Then the Middle East, people rebelling against dictatorships and striving for liberty, something which we in America have been blessed with for so long.

Now, compare this to the protesters in Wisconsin and elsewhere. Teachers and Union members who are compensated far beyond the average American for their work, whining and demanding absolute control over the state government, saying they are entitled to these demands and showing complete disregard for the fact that there isn’t enough money to take care of other needs. It is gut-wrenching to watch and listen to such greed, when all of us in America have what others in the world only dream of.

For decades, groups of self-appointed guardians of America’s resources have stopped the use of our natu...

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