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Letter: Principles of freedom

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

America is identified by the freedoms and responsibilities written into our Constitution and it’s important to remember that they are based on principles that originated with God. God made it clear that all mankind is created equal in His eyes and, also, that we are free to choose either a life built on His values or those of the world.

The Founders understood this when they wrote the laws that support these freedoms, and they put in place the best balance of responsibility possible—a democratic Republic, designed to respect individual liberty and provide a balance of powers.

They knew we would have to be prepared to support, even to fight for, this nation with our words and our actions to keep our nation united and safe. I know of no other document written by man that bears the signs of wisdom and feasibility as does our Constitution. We exist for a reason and we are the only nation that supports such freedoms.

But we could lose all of this if ...

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