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Letter: Preschool offer should be reconsidered

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I was saddened to read that the Mathews County School Board turned down the offer of $225,000 for an early preschool program (G-J, Sept. 22, 2016). The reason provided was a lack of money to continue the program beyond the first years due to other unfunded priorities.

It seems to me that the potential gains in later years by providing early preschool for at-risk children warrant further exploration. Early intervention and perhaps technology-assisted learning for at-risk preschoolers who otherwise would not have access to the necessary tools could give them a giant boost when they begin regular school. Studies cited on the Kids First website appear to support this opinion.

Did we ask if there was flexibility in spending the funds? Have we explored the potential of obtaining other foundations/grant opportunities to fund follow on years? Could we begin preparation to accept this grant in a year or two hence? I don’t wish to criticize the school board memb...

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