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Letter: Pray it isn’t so!

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

“Quantitative Easing,” a term coined during the 2008 financial crisis to disguise plain old money printing, has recently reached a new level of deceit. It is now masquerading as “stimulus,” which is really only a continuation of its original intent—that of printing so much money as to make the dollar almost counterfeit money.

Making purchases with counterfeit money is tantamount to theft. The Federal Reserve’s unlimited currency creation to prop up the stock market, financial institutions and more recently coronavirus stimulus is destroying the value of our hard-earned income and any savings that we might have gained from that income. I’m sure, for example, we have all felt the increases in store prices. The currency dilution created by printing money steals the value from every other dollar in circulation. Contrary to a common misconception, low interest rates are not a sign of the confidence of the dollar’s value, but rather a sign of the Central Bank’...

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