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Letter: Postal woes

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

My family started subscribing to the Gazette-Journal in the early ’40s. It was the main source of information regarding local politics, schools, steamboat and ferry schedules and other local information of interest in Mathews and Gloucester counties. It was a great paper then and continues to be so today.

My wife and I moved to York County in 1971 and received our Wednesday edition of our paper on Saturday. Now, if we are fortunate, we receive the paper on the following Tuesday. More recently our paper dated Jan. 13, 2022 was received on Jan. 18, 2022. In addition, we received the paper dated Jan. 6 on Jan. 19—one day after the Jan. 13 paper was received! The next paper we received was printed on Jan. 27 and received on Feb. 5.

The first time I visited the Grafton Post Office, I inquired why it was taking six days to get the paper. I was told to contact the Gazette-Journal office as the paper was delivered as soon as it was received at the Grafton Pos...

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