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Letter: Post for School Board

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am reaching out to express my concerns and support for Darren Post, who seems to be facing undue persecution from certain school board members purportedly aligned with the ‘woke’ agenda. Mr. Post’s ordeal began after he highlighted real classroom assignments on Facebook, where teachers were inquiring about students’ preferred pronouns, a matter which many believe should not be the focal point of educational discourse.

Mr. Post’s actions were not an attack but a revelation of the creeping influence of politics in our schools, which threatens to overshadow the true essence of education. It is disheartening to witness a dedicated individual like Darren being investigated for simply shedding light on issues that warrant open discussion and reflection within our community.

Darren’s fight is not against individuals but against the politicization of educational spaces. His stand is a testament to his commitment to keeping our schools focused on providing q...

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