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Letter: Post for School Board

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I feel compelled to express my profound appreciation for Darren Post, who has been a resolute voice opposing the school board’s policies on transgender issues. As a citizen who values the safety, privacy and rights of all students, it’s heartening to see someone like Darren stand up for what he believes is right, despite the prevailing winds of opinion.

Darren’s stance is not about discrimination or bias; it’s about ensuring the well-being and rights of every student are upheld. His concerns over policies that may compromise the fundamental rights and safety of students resonate with many in our community who feel that rapid changes in school policies need more thoughtful consideration and balanced dialogue.

His willingness to voice concerns and ask hard questions about these policies is crucial in these times when such discussions are often overshadowed by polarizing debates and predefined narratives. Darren’s approach is about fostering open, respec...

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