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Letter: Politician, heal thyself

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Seen the news lately? Why do we even try? We are told national interest; I hear interest in oil. Iraq doesn’t even have the courtesy to wait until we are completely out to fall apart. We knew it would happen.

History has told us even the average American, when honest with themselves, knows that unless, as President George Bush so eloquently put it “to change their hearts and minds” (code for religion), nothing changes.

A region strife with radical religious beliefs, that prefers their people ignorant, afraid and starving, combined with a population that will not defend itself, can be conquered, but never liberated. This expensive lesson, if learned and acted upon, is all we have to show for our treasure and blood.

Our government over several decades has let our infrastructure rot, our own economy made prisoner to the world markets, and sadly let our own people’s health and well-being slide. The Soviet Union tried to conquer the Third...

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