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Letter: Political debate at Frankie and Johnny’s Barbershop

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I think we, the people of Mathews and Gloucester, are missing something that not so many years ago we took for granted. Having grown up in Mathews, I recall many lively political debates. The community stores and the barbershops were focal points, places where friends often met for needed items, a shave, haircut, or simply to stop and talk.

I can see Frank Pugh and Johnny Sadler now, emphasizing a point of debate by pointing a pair of scissors or a razor at each other—simply to point, not in any threat. It was what they had in their hands at the time.

Back then, I do believe a person’s political viewpoint was held as a source of pride. Growing up in Mathews County, I cannot ever recall a political discussion that ended in discord or an argument. Unfortunately, today, the subject is avoided like a plague; to remain uncommitted appears to be the safe route.

While patronizing a business not long ago, one of the owners approached me and compli...

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