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Letter: Police appreciated daily

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Although May 13th is Police Appreciation Day, we appreciate them every day.

When they go to a potentially dangerous situation their lives are on the line. Now they could be exposed to a potentially deadly disease. They might have to make decisions in an instant that could result in a national incident where they could be facing prison time, months of legal maneuvering and have costly lawyers bills before they are finally found to be innocent.

The first time I heard of “Police Brutality” was on the streets of Chicago decades ago when I was given a copy of the then communist paper, The Daily Worker. The article laid out the plan to demoralize our law enforcement officers with false accusations ultimately resulting in a national police force.

Now the hue and cry as the solution to officers just doing their job, has become federal oversight.

Civil unrest serves the same purpose. When rioting becomes more than local officers can manage, a federal mil...

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