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Letter: Playing loose with facts

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Last week I attended David Anthony’s presentation titled “The History of Critical Race Theory.” Mr. Anthony shared a rapid-fire outline of 19th and 20th century philosophies, emphasizing “Critical Theory” which, he said, led to Critical Race Theory.

Anthony’s presentation sounded credible until he started editorializing and playing loose with facts to create a picture of a monolithic Atheist philosophy devoid of morality. He chose a scapegoat (Atheists), combined philosophies (Marxism, Darwinism, and Progressivism, among many), conflated documents (all of the Humanist Manifestos), confused names (Franklin for Frankfurt), and assigned historic figures (Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton) to the wrong place on the timeline.

Critical theories (there are many) attempt to identify social wrongs and set achievable goals to correct them. Anthony lumped them all into one theory he held responsible for eugenics, the Holocaust, and millions of deaths unde...

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