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Letter: Perpetuating the lie

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Regarding your editorial titled “Save the Bay” (Page 6A, March 16): The Chesapeake Bay is a national treasure, but I fail to see why the law of the land must be violated to achieve maintenance and preservation goals to achieve that end.

You quote a press release which states that underwater grasses are at record levels. That is totally false. In the fall of 2005, your newspaper quoted a VIMS scientist, Dr. R.J. Orth, who flew over the Bay and observed that over 95 percent of the eel grass died that summer. On my shore, defoliation was 100 percent complete by the third week of July, and by the end of August there were piles of eelgrass roots all over the place.

Last summer, we saw another large-scale die-off of the grass. These are the sad, simple facts for our area, despite the money being spent on the Bay program. What can the working-class taxpayer expect in return for these expenditures? More eelgrass die-offs?

It’s fair to ask: What is...

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