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Letter: ‘People deserve the government they elect’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The recent election results in Mathews County in regards to the supervisors’ election was an exercise of victory over truth. Does anyone believe that the environmental concerns appearing in the Mathews County Comprehensive Plan are based upon truth or empirical science?

I congratulate the incumbents on their reelection success. While I avoid the use of the term disingenuous, it is evident that the incumbent supervisors, with one singular exception, do not appear to comprehend the potential for unintended consequences as a result of the false premise behind the current comprehensive plan. While attempting to bring those concerns to the attention of our supervisors, one supervisor responded with a verbal attack, citing that my concerns were but divisive, fear-mongering lies. Enlightened debate was often a casualty in the election process.

Fortunately, I have lived a long life and most likely will not be a witness to the deleterious effects that the ...

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