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Letter: Penny wise and pound foolish about schools

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Numerous studies have shown that well-funded public schools improve the local economy. They improve everyone’s financial situation, regardless of age or life stage. (Here’s one example:


—They strengthen small businesses, which expands our tax base.

—They make our personal and commercial properties more valuable and desirable.

—They attract top professionals, particularly medical.

Why? A county must have some young families with children moving in, not out, to stay economically healthy in all areas.   

Instead today, Gloucester County’s number of young families is shrinking. In the late 1990s, our school population had reached 6,700. In 2002, it was 6,350, and in 2014, it was 5,447—almost a 20 percent decrease, which continues.

What’s directly related is the decline in our county’s average income, with Gloucester ranking n...

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