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Letter: Passing the buck

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Gov. Romney does not understand the relationship of command and responsibility. He accuses President Obama of spreading false information to tarnish his record as CEO of Bain Capital and believes the president owes him an apology.

Gov. Romney says he physically left Bain Capital in February of 1999 and played no role in the firm’s outsourcing of jobs to China in 1999-2001. The fact is Gov. Romney was the sole owner, chairman, CEO and president of Bain Capital during that same time period.

His denial of command responsibility is comparable to a captain of a wrecked ship telling a maritime court of inquiry: "Yes, I was the (sole) commanding officer of the ship at the time of the wreck, but as I had left the bridge to attend to other business before the crew ran the ship aground, I take no responsibility for the wreck and anyone who says I am responsible is a liar and owes me an apology."

Sound familiar? It should. The captain of the wrecked Italia...

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