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Letter: Owning property requires good stewardship, by law or not

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Other than what I read in this space, I know next to nothing about "Agenda 21" and the alleged United Nations plan to dictate property rights in Gloucester/Mathews. Frankly, I doubt that any such conspiracy exists, but I accept that others may have a different opinion. Most of the letters posted here against this Agenda 21 seem to be concerned with the destruction of wetlands, both tidal and non-tidal, by property owners who already live in, or want to build in, these areas. I don’t live on the water. Would like to, but can’t afford it.

Still, on my little two acres, I try to be a good steward of the land. I know that things I do to it can positively or negatively affect my neighbors’ quality of life as well as my own. Because of the possible effects on others, those living in, or owning property in, areas with a wetlands classification have an even greater responsibility to care for the land and to leave as little a human foot...

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