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Letter: Overlay district should be modified, not eliminated

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I would like to make a number of observations regarding Supervisor At Large Meyer’s June 26 letter to the editor (“Good intentions don’t always produce good results”).

First, Mr. Meyer reaches the conclusion that the HCOD not only did not attract new businesses to Route 17 but in fact implies that it was responsible for the loss of 84 businesses in 2012-2013! He offers no factual basis for this implication and does not offer the consideration that some or all of the loss of business may have been due to the failing economy during that period or other business issues.

He then suggests that the “10-mile eyesore” of the current Route 17 resulted because the HCOD didn’t attract enough new businesses to eliminate this condition (without consideration of how many new businesses would have had to be built in the last 16 years to accomplish this end goal). He further neglects the future appearance of Route 17 if the ordinanc...

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