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Letter: Over-Blessed

I’m over-blessed and how well I know it,I hope these meager words will certainly show it.That God has taken humanity’s worst,And filled me with His Love, till about to burst.

He rescued me from an addict’s death,And gave my soul the best kind of rest.Why, dear God, would You do this for me,With the evil I’ve done and the sinner I be?

You’ve ransomed my soul from the devil’s stronghold,Warmed my heart with Your Love though it once was stone cold.Gave me the promise of new life after death,What could possibly be better, my God, You’re the best.

Even now I have new life from dark into light,For You’ve given me faith, great spiritual sight.Your mercy and grace have been with me since birth,But until You revealed them, I knew not their worth.

All beauty I see, the song in my soul,The food that I savor, a drink of water so cold.The spirits of children, the wisdom of age,The Bible Your Word, I love every page.

All these reminders of how much You Love us,How foolish to stray fr...

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