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Letter: Our sovereignty is at stake

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The TPP, or Trans-Pacific Partnership, an assault on our national sovereignty in the form of an agreement with 11 Pacific Rim nations, has been finalized and is now awaiting Congressional approval. It is to be voted on by both the House and the Senate with a straight up or down vote and only a simple majority.

But doesn’t a treaty require a two-thirds vote of the Senate? Yes, but Obama couldn’t get that many votes, so he called it a “partnership” and a complacent Congress went along.

The gist of TPP is that it would bind our country into a regional government that would be the governing body of America, taking precedence over our Constitution. We would be ruled by its dictates and no longer would we have the protection of our God-given rights that our Constitution provides.

TPP is being hyped as a trade pact. A free trade pact could be done in one page. TPP has about five pages of trade out of a total of about a couple thousand pages...

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