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Letter: Our societal responsibilities

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I’ve grown so tired of reading the rants pro- and con- COVID masking and vaccinations. People have become so entrenched in their positions that I doubt more discussion will change anybody’s mind.

One line in Mr. Young’s letter in last week’s paper (“Covid bullying needs to stop,” Feb. 10 Readers Write) really bothers me, however. He feels his decision to wear a mask or not affects only himself. “It’s not your responsibility to take care of me or others.” That infers the reciprocal proclamation—It’s not my responsibility to take care of others besides myself. Excuse me? This is exactly our responsibility as a society! Individually, we must, of course, protect ourselves. But to exist as a society, we must each care for the other members.

We behave in particular ways because we care for others—we are courteous and polite, we follow laws, we watch out for each other’s family and properties. Sadly, as a society, we seem to be leaving this behind and focusi...

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