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Letter: Our laws and equality

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Beginning with the Constitution, our laws were formed for protection and order in America and intended to be applied to everyone. But sadly, they are not.

Too many exceptions have been made and the Clintons are a glaring, painful example. They aren’t the only ones, but if you kept score on how many times this has been done for them, no other citizen would even come close.

Hillary Clinton repeatedly failed as an example for First Lady and broke the law “as needed.” Then, as Secretary of State, she was even worse, especially when fellow Americans died due to her ineptitude or disinterest—take your pick. Frequent “I don’t recall” responses, dry apologies after the harm is done, and plain, old fashioned lies. She and former President Clinton make the idea of law a bad joke, because they each break them and walk away free from responsibility.

She berates the business world and its leaders on the money they receive, but w...

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