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Letter: Our best option

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, President Zelensky has begged the United States to send more aid. President Biden has been effusive in his threats and insults of President Putin by accusing him of genocide and being a war criminal, making it impossible for the U.S. to negotiate a peace agreement. We must of necessity defeat Putin, and that will call for our most powerful non-nuclear option.

Meanwhile, the leaders of virtually every country of consequence have gone to Kiev to show their support for Ukraine, but not Mr. Biden. His European visit to Brussels and the Ukraine border was touted as real statesmanship, and risk taking. Certainly since Biden got closer to the border of Ukraine than he has the U.S. border with Mexico, a message was sent—until Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of England, actually walked the streets of Kiev arm in arm with Zelensky, both wearing business suits.

It suddenly occurred to me as I watched “Face the Nation,” seeing Sen....

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