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Letter: Other road projects more pressing than Rt. 198

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Why is VDOT wasting taxpayer money? Route 198 is being resurfaced from Glenns to Mathews. I have driven this road for 10 years and don’t ever remember seeing a pothole. Route 198 seemed to be in good to excellent condition before this resurfacing began. Why then is VDOT having it paved again?

What really concerns me is that Route 603 (Figg Shop Road) is full of potholes and attempted repairs. There are 213 repaired potholes on this four-mile stretch of road. Currently 37 of these are open and present a danger to any vehicle traveling this stretch. Some residents are buying fluorescent paint and encircling the holes to provide drivers notice to avoid damage to their vehicles.

While this is beneficial, I have encountered some near-accidents as drivers swerve to avoid the marked holes. VDOT does come out from time to time to fill the holes but they simply open up again very quickly. Are they using inferior patch? Maybe the workmen are doing a poor jo...

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