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Letter: Other causes?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The article by Karl Blankenship in the Feb. 2 issue of the paper (“The heat is on: Warming water threatens aquatic life in Chesapeake Bay,” page 7A) begins “Warming water is threatening to undo decades of efforts aimed at improving aquatic habitat in the Chesapeake Bay …” The article filled the entire page. It was very informative, citing copious problems regarding water warming issues threatening aquatic habitat and the problems with efforts being taken for restoration.

For instance, the warning statement “… some actions taken to reduce pollution are actually contributing to warmer, more stressful, stream conditions for fish” is concerning. The restoration, as cited, is a multibillion-dollar effort, which seems to be contradicting and sabotaging its own efforts. A fix in one place creates a crisis in another, etc.

Since efforts seem to be counterproductive, the long article ends: “Essentially, we’re asking the Bay Program to add a new lens onto how w...

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