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Letter: Ospreys are welcome to nest on bridge

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Last Friday I had the pleasure of speaking with Jessie Neal, VDOT Toll Facility Director stationed at the Coleman Bridge. After making many telephone calls to persons who passed me onto other persons, it was a genuine treat to receive accurate information from a good authority.

1. The ospreys are welcome to nest on the Coleman Bridge. Their presence is desirable.

2. There are no plans to prevent the building of an osprey nest in the future. Nothing will be installed to impede nest building.

3. The reason for the removal of the second nest was that it was urgently necessary to replace a failed camera. It was not to allow for routine maintenance which would have been postponed. However, a non-functioning camera is a threat to safety of the driving public. The technicians tried to remove the nest in one piece, but were unable to do so as it fell apart. There was also the question of whether the ospreys would accept a nest with human scent on it.

The ospreys a...

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